Silvânia – GO

🌳 Total Area:
614.68 hectares (127 Bushels).

🌱 Aptitude: Currently farming, with a planting history of over 15 years in agriculture.

🌾 Land Use: Double Aptitude, currently under cultivation, reserve within the property, APP area all preserved.

🏡 Infrastructure:
Entirely surrounded by a smooth wire fence and eucalyptus stakes.
Three-phase electricity
Old caretaker’s house
No easement road

🌱 Farming Area:
Approximately 200 ha of farmland, producing grains (soybeans and corn) for over 15 years.

💧 Hydrography:
The farm is bathed by the Rio dos Bois. It has three springs and is crossed by the Buriti stream and the Campo Alegre stream.

🌧 Rainfall Index: Rainfall index in the municipality of 1558mm

Little Wavy Relief

🌱 Soil: Medium texture with clay content varying from 30% to 40%.

🏔 Altitude: Altitude ranging from 1000 – 900 meters.

📍 Location:
Farm located in the municipality of Silvânia, with a distance of 10 km by dirt road to the paved highway GO-330, the highway that connects Leopoldo de Bulhões to Silvânia. Road in good access conditions, with the possibility of transporting grain production.
Farm located on the banks of the unpaved GO-147 Highway.
Distance of 40km from the city of Bela Vista de Goiás
Distance of 20km from the city of Silvânia

📜 Documentation: Updated full content certificate, CAR, GEO, ITR and CCIR (OK).




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  • Código: TRR18992
  • Preço: R$50.000.000,00
  • Tipo de Imóvel : FAZENDA
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Código: TRR18992
  • Tipo de Imóvel

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